Bike Edina Working Group

The mission of the Bike Edina working group is to advance bicycling in Edina by:

  • Advocating for a complete bicycle transportation network that serves cyclists of all ages and abilities, safely, comfortably, and conveniently;
  • Serving as a voice and resource for city staff and elected/appointed officials, school district, and community on bicycling-related issues;
  • Furthering public awareness and acceptance of bicycling as a fun, safe, convenient, healthy, and sustainable mode of transportation and form of recreation, year around; and
  • Working collaboratively with other organizations to advance our vision for a progressive bicycle-friendly community where everyone can integrate cycling into their daily lives.

What Is the Bike Edina Working Group?

The Bike Edina supports an active biking culture in the city of Edina. Read our bylaws here.

Get involved with Bike Edina by completing a Bike Edina membership application. Contact Bike Edina Chair Jennifer Janovy for more information.

The Bike Edina working group currently has no meetings scheduled.

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