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Art adds richness to our environment, defines who we are and creates a sense of pride in our community. Founded in 2004, the Edina Public Art Committee's mission is to enhance the beauty of public spaces in Edina. During its short existence, the Committee has already worked to install numerous pieces in Edina City Hall and around the community. Residents are encouraged to enjoy the artwork and to learn more about the artists and the pieces.

3 Dancing Sand Hill Cranes

The Artwork: “3 Dancing Sand Hill Cranes” is an elegant iron sculpture grouping located near the pond of the Phase IV expansion of the Edina Promenade. The cranes are placed in realistic fashion as the single male crane woos two females. The cranes are various sizes of iron rod that are curved, twisted and hand welded. Pieces are made from iron rods that are painted black with copper paint highlights. The tallest crane is six feet high.

The Artist: Jim Dehne resides in Newton, Wisconsin and draws inspiration from the wildlife and flora of the Wisconsin countryside as well as the nature he observed while living and traveling across the country. Jim was born and raised on a dairy farm named Point Creek Farm, joined the Army after high school and served in Alaska for three years and stayed an additional four years enjoying the Great Northwest. He later returned to the lower 48 to take over the family farm.

Funding: "3 Dancing Sand Hill Cranes" was purchased by the City of Edina in 2015 for permanent exhibition.

Location: Phase IV expansion of Edina Promenade

photo by Barbara La Valleur

Won second place in the 2014 People's Choice Awards

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