Edina Aquatic Center


Do I have to pay admission even though I am not going to swim?
All guests are required to pay admission to get into the park. There is no way to separate or regulate those who are not using the amenities.

Do you allow floatation devices?
Yes, we allow U.S. Coast Guard approved flotation devices. Inflatable devices are not permitted. A limited number of approved floatation devices are available for use at the Aquatic Center.

What age do you need to be in order to visit the pool without a parent or guardian?
There is no minimum age as we feel it is up to the parents discretion and based upon the child's swimming ability and maturity.

Are there additional fees once I get in to the Edina Aquatic Center?
All amenities, with the exception of the concession stand and The Lost Wave surf simulator, are included in the daily admission fee. Season passes include the surf simulator. Height restrictions apply.

Does the Edina Aquatic Center accept personal checks?
Unfortunately, the Edina Aquatic Center can no longer accept personal checks. However, we do accept cash or credit card purchases at our Admissions and Concessions windows.

How warm is the water?
For swimmers' comfort, the water temperature in all pools is kept at 82-84 degrees Fahrenheit. 

Are swim diapers required on tots?
Swim diapers are required on all children 3 and under and on children over age 3 who are not completely potty trained. You can purchase a swim diaper from the admissions counter.

Do you have lifeguards on duty?
The pool is staffed by certified lifeguards who complete a rigorous national training program. The pool also undergoes safety audits throughout the season.

Do you have locker rooms and lockers?
Yes, we have men's and women's locker rooms. Lockers are for daily use only. You must bring your own lock.  All locks must be removed at the end of the day. 

What rules are there concerning dress code?
Proper swimming attire is required. Cutoff shorts are not acceptable; the rivets on the shorts will damage the waterslide.

I lost an item by the pool, where can I find it?
Call or stop by the Edina Aquatic Center to report a lost item. Please note that the Edina Aquatic Center only keeps items for one week.

I forgot some important swimming related items at home!
The Edina Aquatic Center has you covered. Swim diapers, dive rings, goggles, beach towels and sunscreen are available for purchase at the admission window. 

Can I bring in food or a cooler?
The Edina Aquatic Center does not allow outside food or beverages into the facility. Coolers, glass containers, alcohol and tobacco are also not allowed. Concessions are available on-site.

How do I make a birthday party reservation?
We would love to host your child's next birthday party! Contact Angie at 952-833-9544.

How do I get a job at the Aquatic Center?
The Edina Aquatic Center hires all team members on a seasonal basis for each operating season (early June through late August). Applicants must be available through the entire season. All applicants must complete an online application form and have a personal interview. Visit the City's job page to view available positions and to apply.

Do you offer swim lessons?
The City of Edina has partnered with the Edina Swim Club to provide quality swimming lessons for a variety of ages at the Edina Aquatic Center.
Check the Edina Swim Club to learn more or sign up.

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