Ambulance Fees

In accordance with Resolution No. 2015-117, below are the ambulance fees for 2016 as approved by the Edina City Council. Sevice level fees for ambulance service, including medical treatment and/or transportation to a medical facility are:

Level 1 - On-scene Treatment
Specialized medical services performed at scene with no transport involved.
ALS Treatment - no transport
Administration or one or more medications with no transport
Level 2 - Minor Care (BLS)
Basic Life Support
Vital signs, splinting, bandaging
Level 3 - Moderate Care
ALS Assessment, O2, IV, Nitroglycerin, Translingual Spray, ASA, Nitrous Oxide, 3-12 Lead EKG Monitoring, Spine Immobilization, Ultrasound, Glucose Monitoring, O2 Monitoring
Level 4 - Major Care
ALS assessment and any of the following:
Three or more medications, cardiac pacing, cardioversion, defibrillation, intraosseous infusions, surgical airway management, chest decompression, endotracheal intubation, central venous line, end-tidal CO2 monitoring, PCT (inflated), cardio/pulmonary resuscitation (CPR)
Response to scene and no treatment or transportation provided No charge
Oxygen administration Included in above
Mileage from scene to hospital $23/mile

Additional staffing or mechanical extrication



Vehicle decontamination

1 hour minimum





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