Advisory Boards & Commissions

The meetings of these advisory boards and commissions are open to the public.

What is the role of an advisory Board or Commission?

Edina’s advisory Boards and Commissions are established by the Edina City Council. The duties of Board and Commission members are to:

  • Investigate matters within the scope of the particular board or commission or as directed by Council.
  • Advise the Council by communicating the viewpoint or advice of the Board or Commission.
  • Recommend direction to the Council based off of evidence, research and reports.

What makes a good Board or Commission volunteer?

  1. Commitment
    There will be many meetings and it is important for board and commission members to have consistent attendance to efficiently conduct business. Generally, a member can expect to spend 8-10 hours/month (some board or commissions may require more) on their board and commission service.
  2. Motivation and Interest
    Board and Commission work can be hard work. Board and Commission members are asked to actively participate and volunteer for tasks.
  3. Idea Sharing and Resource Rich
    Members who share ideas and adapt what they have learned from previous experiences can enrich the work of a Board or Commission.
  4. Build Relationships
    If is helpful to members to get to know their fellow board and commission members.
  5. Have an Open Mind
    Members need to be willing to consider new ideas and beliefs.


Many Edina Boards & Commissions include student members. Student Board and Commission members must be Edina residents and are generally high school juniors or seniors. Click here for more information about student members.

What is the annual calendar?

The City of Edina has 10 Boards and Commissions. More information about each group can be found on the specific Board or Commission webpage.

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2017 Meeting Calendar

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