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Who's Recognized? Learn more about neighborhood associations currently recognized by the City.

Neighborhoods Policy Learn about the purpose and expectations of a neighborhood association.

Recognized Neighborhood Associations

Recognized neighborhood associations build community through cooperative action by organizing voluntary projects based on community interests, supporting other City programs such as Adopt-a-Park, Neighbors Home Watch and Night to Unite, promiting social activities and ensuring neighborhood safety and security.

Adopt-a-Park Adopt-a-Park is an Edina volunteer public service program that encourages Edina organizations and individuals to make significant contributions toward maintaining high-quality parks by keeping them litter-free and identifying safety hazards.

Crime Prevention The Edina Police Department offers several programs to help neighborhoods prevent crime. A few of the well-known programs amongst neighborhoods are the Neighbors Home Watch and Night to Unite.

Neighborhood Community Officers serve as liaisons between the neighborhoods and the Edina Police Department. Neighborhood Community Officers will develop relationships with community members and help improve communication. Click here to find your Neighborhood Community Officer or learn more.

Night to Unite Edina neighborhoods join forces with communities statewide for the "Night to Unite" crime prevention event. Register your party and request a visit from the Edina Police or Fire Department.

Neighborhood Family Fun Nights will be held at neigborhood parks throughout the summer. Playground Program Leaders and Neighborhood Community Officers will attend for an evening of fun, games and neighborhood friends.

The new Master Water Stewards certifies and supports community leaders to install pollution prevention projects that educate community members, reduce pollutants from urban runoff, and allow more water to soak into the ground before running into storm sewer systems. Learn more and how to become a master steward here.


Recognized neighborhood associations receive a number of City benefits including a website landing page, copying services, free meeting space at City facilities, a listing in About Town, guest speakers from City staff and attendance to the annual Neighborhood Leaders workshop.

Presenter List Upon request, Edina's Neighborhood Connections program offers City Staff presenters for recognized neighborhood association meetings and events.

Reserve a Space Upon request, Edina's Neighborhood Connections program offers City space free of charge to recognized neighborhood associations for meetings and events.



Neighborhoods Liaison:
MJ Lamon

Looking for a one-stop-shop for resources and helpful links for your neighborhood association? Visit the neighborhoods toolbox for maps, links to various City departments and more!

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