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The Ellis-Kalgreen family

With busy schedules and temptations like television and the internet, it can be very easy to spend free time lazing about on the couch. But for Carrie Ellis, her husband Jason Kalgreen, and their children Lucie and Ryan, getting outdoors provides a great way for their family to connect and enjoy the time they have together.

"We're a close-knit family and like finding outdoor activities we can enjoy doing together," says Carrie. "Each of us has many diverse interests and hobbies, but for Jason and me, our family is our passion. We want to savor these times when the kids are young--while they're still interested in hanging out with us!”

When it’s warm out, you'll often see the Ellis-Kalgreen family in the yard, with Carrie and Jason gardening while Lucie and Ryan run around with neighborhood friends. Lucie and Ryan both play soccer on Edina teams with both parents often cheering on the sidelines and Lucie is active in a Girl Scout troop that Carrie leads.

In the winter, the family enjoys sledding, cross-country skiing and skating at Centennial Lakes Park. “Jason and I are not native Minnesotans," says Carrie, "but we have found we enjoy winter much more if we get out and stay busy. Getting outdoors … is a sanity saver, particularly when the kids have cabin fever in January and February.”

For those who find it hard to get in touch with their inner-outdoorsmen, Carrie recommends finding an activity the whole family can enjoy together.

“Even if it's as simple as going for a walk, use the time as an opportunity to talk with each other and check in on everything that's happened during the week. Take turns picking something new to try on weekends -- a new sport, new trail, new park. There are so many wonderful City and County parks in the nearby area, like Bredesen.”

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