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Pauline Marell and Bella

Centennial Lakes Park is known for its fixtures: from its golf greens, paddleboats and farmers market in the summer, to its ice skating rink in the winter. But the one fixture that park-goers can count on seeing year round, rain or shine, is Pauline “Polly” Marell and her Pomeranian Bella.

While Marell has lived in Edina for 20 years, she only recently moved to a neighborhood in close enough proximity to Centennial Lakes Park to fit a walk through the grounds into her daily routine. Since then, hardly a day has gone by when she and Bella have not visited the park.

“The neighborhood has all of the quaint charm of a European city,” Marell said. “And there is always something interesting to see at Centennial, no matter the day or the time of year.”

Centennial Lakes Park boasts 1.5 miles of paved roads, and includes 14 acres of landscaped grounds. Marell and Bella typically cover the majority of this ground on any given walk. Not surprisingly, the pair have plenty of stories to tell.

“Dog is an international language everyone understands. We've run into people in the park who don't speak English, but who still want to meet Bella.”  Children are another group who always want to come up and pet the white Pomeranian.

Marell is not the only Edina resident who takes advantage of this urban oasis for dog-walking. The pair have met many two- and four-legged friends through their daily walks. Some are park regulars in their own right.

“One of the great things about having a dog is they make you get out and walk after work, even when you are tired,” Marell noted.

During the summer, and when the weather is nice, the two also frequent the farmers market and outdoor concerts. However, Marell cannot single out any one favorite park feature. “Centennial itself is just a gem, and I love living so close by.”

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