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Caroline and Isabel Bercaw

December 2015 – Business is booming – or, more accurately, fizzing – for two young entrepreneurs in Edina. Caroline and Isabel Bercaw, owners and operators of Da Bomb Bath Fizzers, have made a big splash in the growing novelty bath product market.

The sisters first developed their line of colorful, baking soda-based bath bombs in 2012, in order to enter the kids division of the Uptown Art Fair. At the time, Caroline and Isabel were only 10 and 11, respectively.

“We weren’t sure what product to make,” Caroline recalled. “Since we’d always loved bath fizzers, we decided to try making our own.” They prepared 175 bombs for the first day of that fair, and sold out almost immediately. “We were scrambling to make more that night at our house so we would have something to sell for the second day!” It augured well for things to come.

Over the past three years, Caroline and Isabel have expanded that modest enterprise into a full-fledged business. Da Bomb Bath Fizzers products can now be found in over 85 boutiques, salons and mall kiosks across six states. Online sales are also brisk.

Isabel attributes that success to the special care they give to the production process. Each bath bomb is crafted by hand, and delivered fresh to distributors or direct to the consumer. “Right now, if you buy one of our bath bombs, there’s a good chance it was made that very same week.”

Unlike competitors who regularly use up to two dozen different additives in their bath products, the sisters rely on a small number of natural ingredients – like baking soda, citric acid and olive oil. “Everything in our bath bombs is food grade, except for the fragrance and the pigment,” Isabel explained.

Da Bomb Bath Fizzers stand out from the competition in another way, as well.  “We’ve added a special twist, by putting surprises inside every bath fizzer,” Isabel continued. For instance, the popular, tangerine-scented “Ninja Bomb” contains a tiny ninja at its center. Similarly, the aptly named eucalyptus-scented “Bug Bomb” contains a toy bug.

Their creativity seemingly knows no bounds. Caroline and Isabel enjoy accommodating custom order requests, for special occasions ranging from birthdays to bridal showers and weddings.

“We’ve even done custom bombs for a store called Meet Minnesota. They have a fun Minnesota fact inside and smell like a fresh lake,” Caroline said.

The Bercaws recently hired several people to assist with sales and production – though they continue to play a hands-on role with both. They are also currently exploring expansion opportunities, including partnerships with national retailers and moving operations from their basement into a larger, rented “bath bomb studio” somewhere nearby.

“Things have been really crazy, especially for the past few months with the holidays coming,” Caroline said. Even so, the sisters are extremely excited to see what the future holds in store for Da Bomb Bath Fizzers.

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