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Cliff Wexler

April 2014 -- As evidenced by the continued success of the Centennial Lakes Park Farmers Market, Edina is a community that knows the value of “buying local.”

What some Edinans may not fully realize, however, is that the same concept is just as applicable to the wine you pair with your salad as to the greens you put into it.

Cliff Wexler and his wife, both retired teachers, moved to Edina three years ago to be closer to family. After relocating, one of the things that impressed Wexler early on about the community was its municipally owned liquor operations.

“We don’t drink or purchase much alcohol, but occasionally look for a nice bottle of wine to complement dinner," he said. "The Edina Liquor store on Vernon Avenue is by far the closest option.”

More important even than location, though, is the knowledge that Edina Liquor’s net profits will be put right back into the community – invested in facilities and services that he enjoys in his retirement.

“For instance, revenue from [the three Edina Liquor stores] … supports Edina Art Center endeavors,” he said. In the past, he and his wife have both enrolled in a variety of art classes.

When the opportunity arises, I always make a point of reminding people of the importance of the Edina Liquor subsidy to art activities – of how that income reduces fiscal pressures.”

The case is much the same for Edina’s sports facilities and youth leagues. “I have three very active grandsons and enjoy watching them play hockey and soccer. Braemar Arena and other venues are as great as they are because Edina Liquor money – not just our tax dollars – allow it to be that way… I’m really thankful for the great arrangement.”

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