About Grandview

The Grandview District is in north-central Edina and lies in a crescent-shaped area created by Vernon Avenue/50th Street and Eden Avenue. The District is bisected by railroad tracks and Minnesota Highway 100. This area has been a crossroads of commerce for generations. Early residential growth and commercial development was shaped by the railroad tracks and highways. Significant changes to many properties occurred when Highway 169 (now Vernon Avenue) was relocated out of the area, and when Normandale Road was converted to 6-lane Highway 100.

Today, this area is home to popular local destinations like Jerry's Foods, Davanni's Starbucks, Edina Family Physicians and Our Lady of Grace church and school. Grandview is also home to residents living in several apartment and condominium buildings and is surrounded by established single-family neighborhoods, such as Melody Lake, Todd Park and Sunnyslope. Many large employers are located in Grandview, including School District 273 (Edina Public Schools), Jerry's Enterprises and Abdo, Eick & Meyers.

The City of Edina has been pro-actively engaged in keeping Grandview a desirable and successful mixed-use district for several decades. Past efforts include the establishment of a tax increment finance (TIF) redevelopment district in 1990. Current efforts include implementation of the community vision established in the 2012 Redevelopment Framework.

Evolution of the Grandview District

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