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Edinborough Park

Photography Policy

The photo policy has been established in order to give our park guests the best experience possible.

Candid photography is allowed. Capturing the memories of your trip to Edinborough Park of you and your children is allowed during your visit as long as it does not impair the experience of our other guests. Please be respectful.

Posed photography is not permitted. Posed photography is considered to be any photography done by an amateur or professional that gathers a group together or poses individuals for a photo. Examples are engagement, wedding, graduation, prom, homecoming or similar types of photography events.

There is a small alcove just off the path on the upper level that can accommodate a few people (1-3) for a small photo shoot. This is a public walkway and photography is allowed as long as it does not block or impede guests and other users of the park from moving through. Please stop at our Guest Services desk when you arrive, and you will be directed to the specific location.

Commercial photo or video shoots may be arranged for “before hours” times. There is an hourly fee associated with this and arrangements must be made in advance with Edinborough Park management. Please contact Dawn Beitel at 952-833-9543 for more information regarding fees and times available. Commercial photography is defined as wholesale, retail, and/or professional use of photography for advertisement.  Examples are commercials, catalog shoots and local films.

Edinborough Park maintains the right to adjust the policies in certain situations for the best interest of the facility and the general public.

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