Neighborhoods Toolbox

Welcome to the Neighborhoods Toolbox! This page is a one-stop-shop to find resources and helpful links for Edina’s neighborhoods seeking to establish a recognized neighborhood association or neighborhood associations already recognized by the City of Edina .

Project Coordinator
MJ Lamon


Information for Residents

Click here for City ordinances, regulations and other information for residents.

Organizing Tools

Are you interested in forming a City-recognized neighborhood association? Take a moment to fill out the Neighborhood Association Recognition Form.

For additional information about neighborhoods and the City recognition process, review the information below.

For additional information or to find out more, contact MJ Lamon at 952-826-0390 or

Department Pages

Engineering Department

Parks and Recreation

Police Department

Reserving Space

Edina's Neighborhood Connections Program provides several spaces free of charge for Recognized Neighborhood Associations meetings and events.

Reserve a Park: Cornelia School Park, Countryside Park, Todd Park, Walnut Ridge Park and Weber Park have buildings with restrooms available and parking. Call 952-826-0367 to make a reservation.

Reserve a Picnic Shelter: Wooddale Park and Rosland Park are both home to a picnic shelter. Call 952-826-0367 after March 1, to make your reservation. Reservations assure space in the shelter, but not exclusive use of the park.

Other Resources

Next Door Sign Up

Nextdoor is a great way for you to stay connected with your neighbors and the City.

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