Heritage Preservation Board Lending Library

The Heritage Preservation Board (HPB) has just the ticket for those interested in finding out more about historic resources.

The board has compiled a library of resources – books, pamphlets, and periodicals intent on providing educational opportunities for Edina residents on a host of topics relating to local historic resource management.

If you are interested in checking out one of the books, pamphlets or periodicals, contact Joyce Repya, the HPB’s staff liaison, at jrepya@ci.edina.mn.us or 952-826-0462.  Tell Repya which item you would like to borrow and she will have it waiting for you to pick up at City Hall.  You may keep your borrowed item for two weeks with the ability to renew for an additional two weeks if need be.

Many of the books and pamphlets have been made available through a generous grant provided by the Edina Community Foundation.


A Field Guide to American Houses. By Virginia and Lee McAlester. Random House, publisher (1992); paperback - 544 pages.

Caring for Your Historic House. Harry N. Abrams, Inc., publisher illustrated.  Available from Heritage Preservation, National Institute for Conservation, Washington DC. (1998); hardcover - 256 pages.

Edina – Chapters in the City History.  By Deborah Morse Kahn. Published by City of Edina. (1998); paperback – 162 pages.

Federal Historic Preservation Laws.  Published by the National Park Service and the National Conference of State Historic Preservation Officers. (2002); paperback – 190 pages.

Get Your House Right. By Marianne Cusato & Ben Pentreath.  Sterling Publishing Co., Inc. (2007); hardcover - 257 pages.

History and Architecture of Edina, Minnesota.  By William W. Scott and Jeffrey A. Hess.  Published by City of Edina. (1981); paperback – 91 pages.

Hopscotch – A Morningside Childhood.  By Barbara Price. Published by  Barbara Price. (2002); paperback – 147 pages.

Preservation Source Book – Midwest/West Edition.  Published by Restore Media, LLC. (2004); paperback – 301 pages.

The History of Edina, Minnesota.  By Paul D. Hesterman. Published by Edina Historical Society. (1988); paperback – 125 pages.

The Politics of Historic Districts: A Primer for Grassroots Preservation. By William E. Schmickle. AltaMira Press, publisher (2007); paperback – 267 pages.

PAMPHLETS:National Trust for Historic Preservation:

“Community Character”. Set of five booklets
1. Community Design Assessment
2. Taming the Teardown Trend
3. Design Review in Historic Districts
4. How to Establish a Local Historic District
5. Protecting Older Neighborhoods through Conservation District Programs

Additional National Trust Pamphlets:

· A Layperson’s Guide to Historic Preservation Law
· Basic Preservation – What Every Board Member Needs to Know
· Buyer’s Guide to Older and Historic Houses
· Maintaining Community Character:  How to Establish a Local Historic District

National Register of Historic Places Bulletins:

Published by the U.S. Department of the Interior, National Park Service, Cultural Resources.

· Guidelines for Local Surveys:  A Basis for Preservation Planning. 105 pages
· Historic Residential Suburbs:  Guidelines for Evaluation and Documentation for the National Register of Historic Places. 134 pages.
· How to Apply the National Register Criteria for Evaluation. 54 pages.
· Researching a Historic Property. 16 pages.


Common Ground. Quarterly magazine published by the National Park Service, Cultural Resources, Washington, DC.

Available online –  http://commonground.cr.nps.gov/Index.cfm

Also available on Hennepin County Library website via the Wilson OmniFile Select database

CRM Journal. Twice-yearly scholarly journal published by the National Park Service, Cultural Resources, Washington, DC

 Available online –  http://crmjournal.cr.nps.gov/Journal_Index.cfm

Also available on Hennepin County Library website via the Wilson OmniFile Select database

Heritage News. Monthly e-newsletter from the National Park Service, Cultural Resources, Washington, DC.

Available online - http://heritagenews.cr.nps.gov/index/Index.cfm

The Alliance Review.  Bi-monthly magazine published by the National Alliance of Preservation Commissions.


Minnesota Historical Society:  www.mnhs.org.

National Register for Historic Places:  www.cr.nps.gov

National Trust for Historic Preservation:  www.preservationnation.org or www.nthp.org

Preservation Alliance of Minnesota:  www.mnpreservation.org.

Preservation Directory:  www.preservationdirectory.com.

*The Historic Resource Lending Library was made possible by a generous grant from the Edina Community Foundation.

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