False Alarms

In accordance with the Edina City Code, Section 635, False Fire Alarm Responses, and Section 185, Fees and Charges, the Fire Prevention Bureau in 1999 began actively billing for false fire alarms in residential and commercial buildings.

Section 635.01 defines a false alarm as: "A false alarm shall mean the receipt by the Fire Department of an audio or visual alarm or signal from an automatic fire alarm device set off by causes other than the occurrence of a fire." Section 635.02 defines the fee schedule as: "A fee in the amount set forth in Section 185 of this code, $300 for residential and $500 for commercial, shall be payable to the City for the second and each subsequent false alarm within a twelve-month period. The fee for a false alarm shall be payable by the owner of the building or premises from which the false alarm was received and shall be payable within 10 days after a statement therefore is mailed or delivered by the City."

Click here for the full false alarm City code.

Multiple false alarms send the wrong message to the occupants of your home or building. Some might think a future alarm is just another false alarm when it might be the real thing. It is for your safety and the safety of a building's occupants that activation of a fire alarm is given the respect and attention it is due. Responding to false fire alarms exposes both the community and emergency personnel to risk and it uses resources that might be needed elsewhere for medical emergencies.

It is important for you to maintain your system in a proper working order. The cause of a false alarm would be determined immediately and any repairs that are needed be completed immediately. The Edina Fire Department's goal is to decrease the number of alarm malfunctions and unintentional alarms through proper installation and regular maintenance. Officers also hope that the alarm companies cooperate with this effort. Set up a maintenance program that includes a complete testing and repair of your system once per year. If a contractor is going to work on your system, make sure your monitoring company is aware. If a construction company is going to create dust that might set off the smoke detectors, discuss this with your alarm company before work begins.

For more information, call the Edina Fire Prevention Bureau at 952-826-0378. 

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